Updated ProcWatch Version!

I have published a new ProcWatch Version to download and use for free:


ProcWatch v2.0.2
This free Windows Service monitors the IIS 6 Worker Processes CPU usage and Web Service availability.
In the Configuration File you can change settings:
notepad.exe %ProgramFiles%\ProcWatch\ProcWatch.config
on x64 Systems:
notepad.exe %ProgramFiles(x86)%\ProcWatch\ProcWatch.config

You have to restart the Service to make sure the new settings take effect.
1) CPU Limits
If a Worker Process uses more than ~30% of all CPUs ProcWatch sets the priority of the Process to Low.
If the lowered Worker Process uses less than ~10% of all CPUs ProcWatch sets the priority of the Process to Normal.
After 1 Minute in lowered State, ProcWatch initiates a recycle of the Application Pool.

Settings for CPU Limits:
<add key=”lowerLimit” value=”[lower % CPU Time]” />
<add key=”upperLimit” value=”[upper % CPU Time]” />
<add key=”MaxSec” value=”[Max time in second over upper Limit]” />

2) URL Checks
The URL’s where requested as configured in the Configuration File. To activate uncomment Service Check Block.
If the HTTP-Statuscode is different from “200 OK” or the request times out, ProcWatch initiates a recycle of the Application Pool

Settings for URL Checks:

3) NLB Start/Stop (Experimental):
Since ProcWatch depends on W3SVC Service ProcWatch can be configured to Start/Stop the NLB Clusters on the Server.
After installed and enabled this Feature you have to set NLB to initial stopped (with preserve) in NLB Manager.
ProcWatch Starts and Stops NLB automatically.
Caution! ProcWatch starts automatically on Boot only!

Settings for NLB Control:
<add key=”NLBStart” value=”[0=disabled/1=enabled]” />
<add key=”NLBStop” value=”[0=disabled/1=enabled]” />

I use it on my Shared Hosting Web Servers with ~400 Application Pools on each.
Tested with Windows 2003 x86 and x64.

New Feature are on the Way: Logging of Resource consumption for billing!


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